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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Authentic Newborn Portraits | Lifestyle Sessions

Newborns. I love them. Every time I get one in the studio I all of the sudden want my own little baby burrito.

{Let me introduce you to Emeline... My third little girl!}

(See her one year birthday session here.)

I plan to continue offering newborn sessions, but I'm transitioning away from the posed, stick-a-baby-in-a-basket type session.
Don't get me wrong, I love newborns in any context. In fact, my favorite newborn image of Miss Emeline is this:

But do you want to know what it took to get this one image during the last fleeting moments of daylight?... 90 degrees, Two hours (not including the 45 minute drive to get to the location), two trips, four hands, a few tears (mostly from me) and lots of prayers. Emmy was just shy of 3 weeks old at this point, a little older than prime sleepy newborn posing age.

I love this image. Is it beautiful?


Is it authentic?


I'm never in a million years going to put my baby down for a nap inside of a egg basket. I feel I sometimes get caught up in trying to do what everyone else is doing. Trendy isn't bad, but I've never really felt obligated to be trendy (says the girl that wore a Star Wars tee shirt 4 out of 5 school days in 6th grade. I was not trendy. I didn't care.)

Do you know what kind of image I really, really enjoy creating?

Images that a real.

Images that capture the little details that change all too quickly.

Images where the baby looks comfortable.

Images where the baby looks natural.

Images in familiar places...

...Doing familiar things.

Authentic newborn lifestyle images are my favorite to look back on and my favorite to create.

Maybe lifestyle isn't your style. That's okay! I love posed newborns! However, moving forward my focus will be on lifestyle type sessions. If these images appeal to you, I'd love to capture those real, natural, authentic moments of you and your sweet new little baby.

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