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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our Huckleberry Home | The Beginning

One of my goals with Huckleberry Studio this year has been to blog more about what goes on when I'm not creating beautiful imagery (ironically enough, I'll be sharing this with you using the best means I know how... photo and video! Ha!)

So I'm starting a series called Our Huckleberry Home

Some background... 

I grew up in Southern Idaho, spent my pre-teen and teenage years in Utah, then moved to McCall, Idaho my senior year of high school (hence my love of all things Huckleberry). I still have a hard time believing that I had the opportunity to LIVE in paradise for a year. I seriously lived in a forest. Who does that?!

Fast forward ten years later... I returned to Southern Idaho for college, married a cowboy, had three little girls, and a few details in-between. Now our (not so) little family is ready for a new adventure outside of the city limits.

We closed the door on our Twin Falls home for the last time just a couple days ago.

Now this is the view that I wake up to every morning. (Again... pinch me!)

We've owned this property for several years with the intention of someday building a home on the top of the hill. Did I mention that my husband's parents live across the street? This image is from their front porch.

We're living in the little old farmhouse while we build the new house right about exactly where the barn (used to) sit.

Demolition is fun. But it's not as fun as muddy puddles.

You've heard of a barn-raising, but what about a barn-bon fire? We roasted hot dogs and ate cobbler.

Emmy's not as close to the fire as this picture makes it seem.

That goat chow has been kicking around for about 5 years since the previous owner left it here. I think I need a li'l pygmy goat. 

Does anyone else get excited reading about behind the scenes stuff like this? I have to admit I'm that much more excited because IT'S OUR OWN HOUSE! We've talked about and planned for this for so long; I really can't believe it's actually here! We were originally supposed to be moved into the new construction by the end of August, but we've hit delay after delay with the permits on our septic system. I've now changed my expectation to be about Thanksgiving. We shall see!
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