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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pictures will we receive?

We usually end up with about 50-100 images per shooting hour. All photography collections include editing and high-resolution digital files of everything on your wedding day, as well as a print release. 

How long after the wedding do we receive our final pictures and video?

During peak season (summer & fall) turnaround times are usually about 2-3 months. The work we do shooting on the wedding day is only a fraction of the time it takes to produce your final product. After the wedding is when our most intensive work begins! We promise to edit as fast as we possibly can to still ensure high quality artistic media.

How will they be delivered?

We deliver all digital media in high-definition and full-resolution via digital download, and these collections are not assessed sales tax when delivered in this manner. If we were to send a jump drive then Idaho state tax law would require that we collect sales tax on the entire collection. Visit this blog post for more information about why we no longer send DVD's. All collections receive a print release so that you may then order prints and albums and share your images to your heart's content! 

We already took engagement pictures. Can we exchange our engagement session for something else?

Yes! We add an hour of coverage on the wedding day if you opt to not use your engagement session.

What's a "first look/formal session"?

A first look is when the groom sees his bride (in her wedding dress) before the wedding. A formal session is a portrait session with the bride and groom in your formal wear (wedding dress & suit/tux etc.). A first look is usually what starts the formal session, although we have done a handful of formal sessions after the wedding as well. Most of our temple weddings schedule their formal session about a week before the wedding and most traditional weddings schedule them on the wedding day a few hours before the ceremony.

Do we have to do a first look? 

No, you don't have to do a first look, but after attending so many weddings we very highly recommend them! We very strongly feel that a first look does not take away from or replace the emotions that you experience down the aisle, instead it is an additional beautiful moment that you get to share together with just the two of you. Past clients that have been on the fence about it have all expressed that they were glad that they did! The biggest reason being that it calmed their nerves and gave them joy to spend time with their (almost) spouse before all the social obligations of hosting guests. And from a strategic standpoint, ask any wedding professional (planners, DJ's, coordinators, etc.) their opinion and they can tell you that doing a first look before the wedding makes for a smooth and rapid transition from the ceremony to the reception that everyone appreciates (have you ever been a guest at a wedding and had to wait around for an hour or more after the ceremony while the bride and groom are off taking pictures and you're stuck with nothing to do?!) With a first look/formal session we can take the time that we need to get great quality images! We can get the bridal party and family portraits taken before the ceremony so that afterwards you can go straight into celebrations! And we promise that when you walk down the aisle, the emotions you feel will have nothing to do with the surprise of your dress and seeing you for the first time that day, but everything to do with the fact that you are walking intentionally, whole-heartedly towards the one you love... about to be married!

We still don't want to do a first look. Can we exchange it for something else?
We are firm believers in you doing what you want on your wedding day! If you are still adamant about not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle we support that decision and we encourage scheduling your formal session on a day a week or two after the wedding. You may also set aside at least a half hour of time for formals after the ceremony, but keep in mind you will also need about a half hour of time for family and bridal party portraits as well. More often than not these portrait times get cut down and we only end up with about half as much time as we'd like. We are dedicated to giving you the best quality media possible and the only way we can ensure the quantity and quality of your portraits and video is to do a formal session (whenever it may happen to occur!) Because we really really want you to do a formal session, we can not exchange it. If you do opt for a wedding day first look/formal session (that takes place before the ceremony) we add an additional half hour to your coverage to accommodate!

Do you charge for travel?
There is no fee for travel anywhere from Hagerman to Jerome/Kimberly. Outside of this area is a small fee to cover gas and (if farther than two hours from Filer) a basic hotel expense.

Do you travel outside of Idaho/Utah?

Yes! We love to travel! Ask us about our special rates for destination weddings and services outside of these areas! 

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