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A Colorful Fall Wedding | Ben & Amrylin | Twin Falls Temple Wedding

These two were married at the end of November, and I love that there always seems to be flowers blooming at the temple, even when elsewhere they're faded! That combined with their bright, happy color palette (color is so fun!) it doesn't feel like winter was right around the corner.

During our formal session it was sweet to watch Ben take care of Amrylin (it was so cold!) and open the door for her and just be an overall gentleman. Chivalry is not dead!

And be sure to scroll down to check out their church cultural hall transformation! The canopy ceiling was my personal favorite, but everything was just fun, bright and beautiful! Also, there were tacos. You can't go wrong with tacos!

Ben & Amrylin, it was such a joy to be a part of your wedding celebration. Congratulations you two!

Ceremony: Twin Falls Idaho Temple



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