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A Rock Creek Canyon Wedding | Twin Falls, ID | Nancy & Mike

Nancy and Mike have been planning their wedding for SO long! They traveled up here from Logan, UT on the weekends to work on landscaping their family's property. They put in a lot of blood sweat and tears into making their location look absolutely magical! The wedding day was gorgeous, they had a fantastic team of vendors that worked so hard going up and down that grade into the canyon (shout out to Party Center & Garden to Go Catering! You are all rock stars!) the live band was a party (this wedding could DANCE you guys!) and had a live painter to top it all off! We couldn't be happier about how everything turned out for their long-awaited wedding day. Congrats Mike & Nancy!

Rentals & Coordinator: Ashley | Party Center Band:

Florist: Canyon Floral

Caterer: Randy | Garden to Go Catering

Photography: Alea, Elena, Volodya | Huckleberry Studio



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