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Twin Falls Temple Wedding | Sandmeyer Barn Reception | Jake & Tegan

Everything about these two was a dream! They are so adorable and so in love. I feel like that love really shines through in portraits. We were lucky enough to get to shoot their first look a couple weeks before the wedding. Have I mentioned how much I love first look/formal sessions? It's true! I do! And when Tegan mentioned how much she loves the desert/boho vibe I was hoping they'd want to try out a new location (I've been dying to shoot here... Yes, we are still in Southern Idaho!) And I walked in to their reception at the Old Sandmeyer Barn and my jaw about hit the floor. If you've never been in there, it's HUGE. In large venues the décor can often be dwarfed, but that didn't happen here! I have never seen my portraits so large! You don't even get the scale of how large these prints were unless you were there in person. My heart could just about explode! Notice the amazing chandeliers? Those were crafted by the sister of one of our 2018 brides and left in the barn as a gift to the venue and future couples. Tegan's mom added the large white pendants that emphasized the beauty of the chandeliers even more. (My goodness, people are so talented!) Add in the dessert display, the centerpieces, the lighting, the fireworks at the send-off, and the happiest beautiful couple at the center of it all--we'd say it was absolute perfection. Congratulations Jake & Tegan!



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